Carousel Constructors

Sopark rides offer an entrancing mix of sound, motion and colour guaranteed to delight young children. Carousel constructors for over four decades, we hand-craft our designs from iron, aluminium and fibreglass. They're lavishly decorated from top to bottom with vivid artwork and embellishments in relief. Plus, they come brightly illuminated to make them even more attractive by night. Just check out our popular models like our Baroque Ride, with its giant teacups, aeroplanes and unicorns waiting to spin youngsters off into a fantasy world.

But there's more to a Sopark carousel than its spellbinding looks. Our rides are all powered by motors capable of speeds of up to 5 rpm. The Speedy Bonbon can accommodate a maximum of 12 passengers on six cute two-seater critters, while the Baroque can handle as many as 20.

Easy to assemble and transport, our carousels are suitable for a range of family friendly venues, from fetes and festivals to play areas in shopping precincts. And to make your ride even more of a one-off, we can customise it with a theme of your choice. Whatever you decide upon, a Sopark carousel is sure to bring all the fun of the fair wherever it goes.

ubba Baroque ride with animals

Art. 4/A

Baroque ride with animals
ubba Speedy bonbon with animals on trailer

Art. 60

Speedy bonbon with animals on trailer
ubba Speedy bonbon with animals park model

Art. 60/B

Speedy bonbon with animals park model