Flying chairs ride

Sopark's Flying Chairs Ride is a classic children's ride with a modern twist, which will enchant young and old alike. We create timeless rides in the Italian fairground tradition, and our flying chairs models are some of the most popular of all.

These rides allow children to sit in comfortable, secure chairs, before gliding gracefully around the axis of the ride, with a musical accompaniment adding to the experience.  Each carousel can be customised to add different decorative elements. So, you can tailor the ride to fit the colours and style of your fairground, and our team can add specialist artwork to make them even more appealing.

Our Flying Chairs Ride generally features 20 small chairs that are hung from the canopy of the carousel, but smaller 12 chair models are also available if you need something smaller. Some can also be mounted onto trailers, making them extra mobile - which will be handy for taking them around the country.

Everything is engineered to a high quality, ensuring reliability, durability and safety. The seats are made from steel and polypropylene, while safety features include overspeed sensors and catches to keep kids in place while they enjoy the ride. Have a look at our Baroque and Cartoon carousels and find the perfect model for your amusement park or fair.

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