Baroque swing rides

When it comes to giving children that lighter than air feeling, there's nothing better than one of Sopark's Baroque swing rides. Steeped in the colourful traditions of Italian carnivals, these rides are opulently decked out with eighteenth century-style embellishments moulded from gelcoat. On top of that, they are adorned with numerous hand-painted panels in keeping with the same period. The result is a veritable feast for the eyes, especially for children.

As the ride accelerates to speeds of up to 13 rpm, the stainless steel swing chairs lift several feet from the ground, thrilling youngsters as they defy gravity. Meanwhile, spring catches and automatic sensors help to ensure that it's all totally safe.

Our Baroque swing rides come in two sizes, a versatile 12-seater and a 20-seat model suitable for larger amusement parks. The portable trailer version of the 20-seater can be assembled in as little as two hours, while the 12-seater can be up and ready in no more than half an hour. How's that for combining the best of the old with modern convenience? And remember, our team of skilled craftsmen is always ready to adapt a design to your own specifications to make it even more special and unique.

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